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Kimberly Hall is one of the founders of the Connecting From Home Team. She is a single mom with four children. This business has allowed Kim to make positive changes in her life. Wanting to escape the northern climate, she relocated to South Florida after finding success with the Connecting From Home opportunity. Kim started her business in 1994 and has built a very large team. She is a great role model for anyone who wants to change their future. In her own personal business, Kim has helped more than 50 people earn $50,000 to over $1 million annually from home! She can help you too!

Rebecca Connor lives in Maryland, with her husband, Chip, and their 4 children. Thanks to discovering the benefits of working from home with a world class Wellness Company, her family now lives a debt free life. She has had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of changing the course of many family's financial circumstances, by partnering together and building a large residual business with them. In just 9 short years her family has earned over 5.5 million dollars, simply by sharing the incredible product line with people just like you! The Company is based on solid principles, and continues to rock the Direct Sales industry with record growth, year after year. They offer real products that people are really using, week after week, and month after month. Please take the time to learn all that they have to offer and you'll be glad that you did! If you enjoy helping others, and want to make a positive impact on both your life, and the lives of others...Rebecca  promises you, you'll never look back! "

John and Karen Gillighan are co-founders of the Connecting From Home Team. They have two teenaged daughters and live in the country on a beautiful horse farm. They love working together! This business has allowed them the residual income and time freedom to make their dreams come true. They have been earning 6-figures annually over the past 15 years, yet they still work mostly part-time hours. This business has proven itself over time. John and Karen get great satisfaction out of helping others reach their financial goals. The Connecting From Home Team has everything in place to ensure your success.

Beth and Russ Schomphave always believed in helping others. So when a friend told Beth about a company who's Mission Statement focused on enhancing lives of others, Beth knew she'd found something very special. Beth and Russ both wanted the freedom of working from home, but full financial security so they could not only provide for their family but help others in need as well. Starting this business part time, around full time jobs and 2 daughters, they quickly built a business that generated almost $150,000 their first year. In 8 years, they have earned well over $2.2 million dollars. And although they have celebrated many successes, their greatest joy from this business comes from watching this success duplicate through the associates they help, as they continue to enhance lives with this company's amazing products and residual income. We look forward to being your partner in this incredible journey.

In 1994, Wayne and Rita Crosby were living in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada, with their three young daughters ( ages 3, 6 and 8 ). Life was great, but busy and stressful. They had a goal for Rita to be a ‘stay at home’ working Mom . This business allowed them to reach that goal and then some. By the end of their first year they had earned over $100,000 and now Wayne was able to work as a stay at home Dad! Over the years their income has continued to increase, their business has grown and they’ve been able to travel extensively with their girls. They live in Halifax, Nova Scotia now, they love the flexibility of their career and they get great enjoyment working with others and helping them to reach their goals.

"Cancer changed my life. Helping others avoid it drives me," says Janice Teeter. "I learned about the link between cancer and carcinogenic consumer products with my mastectomy in 1993." She got serious about it in 2001. "I had been a tenured executive in a great industry that downsized. Suddenly, I needed a new career," she explains. So she formed a business that focused on her ideals. Within 18 months, she was earning six-figures again. "I love the income, but I love freedom and helping others just as much," she notes. "My goal is to help others become as successful as I am. I show them how!"

Kevin and Myrtice Smith are not very different from millions of other families. Married with a young child they were working hard every day but not earning enough to provide the things they wanted for their family. Then they learned about a company from a friend that manufactured unique consumable products at reasonable prices. The company was strong, stable and debt free and gave the average person a real chance to earn extra income. They started working with that company and in just 18 months were earning over $100,000 per year, and in seven years working with their team, they've earned over $1.3 million! Their greatest joy is helping others duplicate their success. If you are ready to change your life and finances and are willing to be coached to success, then let's get started today!

Ed and Rosemary Brandrick have three children and five grandchildren. They are enjoying their retirement years because this business has allowed them to spend time with family and also travel all over the world. Over the past 10 years, they have been earning a six-figure income annually. Helping others achieve financial success and time freedom is their main goal. They have helped many others succeed. Ed and Rosemary are excited to share the Connecting From Home business with everyone, as they know it will change their lives.

Mike and Ann Crosby have owned and operated almost every conventional business imaginable in the last 30 years and therefore looked at this company with a very knowledgeable, skeptical and critical eye. They found a business model that made complete sense, with no risk, which was perfect for busy people. On a part-time basis, while running their other businesses and raising two wonderful children, they have built a truly dependable, reliable and residual income. They did this by leveraging their time through teamwork and look forward to helping others do the same.

For 22 years, Gile and Michel Beaudoin owned their own general contracting and land development firm. During the 1980’s they were riding high when the economy was good, but in the 1990’s business took a downturn and they were left with a debt of $175,000! As small business owners, with no pension plan, they were naturally concerned about retirement. Looking for ways to supplement their income they found the RIGHT company that delivered true, long term, RELIABLE income. Their cumulative earnings to date are over 2.3 million and the current economic times have not been a concern whatsoever. Many others who have joined them, including their adult children, are also experiencing success. They have realized their lifelong dream to live fulltime at their lake home – so now, they are truly “connecting from home”! Helping others to achieve what they have is their current goal.

When Lorraine and Don Debusschere found this business, Don was working as a building contractor and Lorraine had quit her job as a school librarian because of fibromyalgia. They were heavily in debt and had very little saved up for retirement. They had worked hard at many home based businesses with no real profits and no residual income. They saw that this was not MLM, that it had a great support team, that the products that were making a difference in people's lives (Lorraine got her health back) and that there was NO RISK. By helping others achieve their goals they have created a residual income that provides them with time and financial freedom to get out of debt, secure their retirement, travel south for the winters, spend time with family or just doing whatever they want.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Why not make it the best life possible??"

Denise Goodman lives  in the Atlanta Georgia area. She is a single mom. Her work experience is in the retail industry, working long hours and on her feet all day. To change that, she spent the next 17 years with a direct sales skincare and cosmetic company that was inventory based. It was a lot of work in didn't generate much income. A friend of hers called her 7 years ago and shared the information about this great Wellness Company. Within just a few weeks she noticed a lot more energy, sleeping better and not having pain in her back which she had had for several years. Working with the new company, she has learned so much on how to be healthier and have more vitality. She loves the focus on research and development to create exceptional products at reasonable prices. The good news is that now she has financial freedom for herself and her daughter and the company even sends her a check for her car payment! Denise enjoys being able to help others do the same.

Roberta Campanaro was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland and received a Bachelors degree in Clinical Nutrition from The University of Maryland. She has been happily married for 23 years to husband Greg and they have three great kids; Nick,Dan and Celi. Roberta has worked in hospitals and in the corporate world, where the focus moved from nutrition to marketing nutritional products for Grace Culinary Systems. She took several years off to raise her children and during that time, tried working with a few multi-level marketing companies. However, she was unable to earn the income she expected. She gave up on the idea of working from home, went back to school for a master's degree and was finally introduced to this company. She quickly learned that it had a very different business model and was not at all like her other home businesses. This time she hit the nail on the head!

Mary & Raoul Riendeau"When we were introduced to this Company, we were not looking for anything else to do. Raoul had retired from teaching and I was fairly busy as a Certified Reflexologist and Aromatherapist. I had spent alot of time and effort with 5 MLM Companies , but found them lacking many success factors. We now have the financial freedom and flexibilty to devote and time and energy to what we feel is most important. We look forward to growing old with optimal health using life changing products and helping others do the same. "

Maura Iacoboni was an R.N. working in the Operating Room at Johns Hopkins  Hospital  five years ago  when she learned about a healthier way to take care of her family.  Maura has 4 sons, 3 had asthma and her oldest had  severe eczema.  After using the products for a month, her boys were off inhalers and the eczema cleared up!   Maura and her husband, Anthony, were so impressed she decided to start telling family and friends.   Maura was working so much she was always tired and dreamed of a better life.  Plus, she felt like she spent most of her time at the hospital and not with her family.  When she realized how she could help others while working from home  and help her own financial situation she jumped in.   With a large family and all the college tuitions this definitely came at the right time!  Maura is so thankful for her  wonderful team.   Maura looks forward to many years working together and helping everyone achieve their goals!

Rick and Norma Hayes live in the Atlanta, Georgia area. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. They were introduced to this company in 2004. Initially they were only interested in using the products and were excited about being healthy and converting their home from toxic products. Later when they heard about the kind of income that they could earn they decided to take a closer look. Still - Norma had one thing on her mind – a little extra shopping money; but Rick had something totally different in mind! They teamed up with their friends and worked together very aggressively to advance their business and in 2006 Norma was able to leave her corporate job of 26 years. Finding a good, solid company with such a unique mission of helping others reach their goals was what they needed to change their lives. They are dedicated to helping others live healthier and find financial freedom by building a business with residual income that will last a lifetime. We want to invest in your life – come join us! We’ll show you how.

Elwood Cleary loves introducing people to this business opportunity and line of exceptional products. He gains tremendous satisfaction from helping others reach their financial and wellness goals. Elwood has earned a six-figure income with this company for the past nine years.

Living in a small town in Nova Scotia, it is very rewarding to be able to connect with so many people using our Connecting From Home website. Elwood is passionate about helping others and appreciates working with a company where nobody gets hurt and everybody wins; changing lives one at a time!

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