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Rebecca Connor lives in Maryland, with her husband, Chip, and their 4 children. Thanks to discovering the benefits of working from home with a world class Wellness Company, her family now lives a debt free life. She has had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of changing the course of many family's financial circumstances, by partnering together and building a large residual business with them. The Company is based on solid principles, and continues to rock the Direct Sales industry with record growth, year after year. They offer real products that people are really using, week after week, and month after month. Please take the time to learn all that they have to offer and you'll be glad that you did! If you enjoy helping others, and want to make a positive impact on both your life, and the lives of others...Rebecca promises you, you'll never look back! "

John and Karen Gillighan are co-founders of the Connecting From Home Team. They have two daughters and operate a non-profit horse farm. Karen left a stressful corporate job to be able to be a stay at home mom and has never looked back. Once of her greatest satisfactions is being able to help other moms do the same. They are now able to enjoy more quality time with their family and their horses thanks to their partnership with the Connecting from Home team.

Your "Connecting From Home" Partner:
Karen Gillighan
902-440-6811    kareng@iglide.net